Look, none of my ideas will ever make the movie, so I can just tell you all of them. It will never be a spoiler. But I know that in the comic Gamora and Iron Man, they have hooked up and how does Peter Quill feel about that? Chris Pratt Wants To Kill Iron Man


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↳[3/5] Favourite Mmale Characters

Daken Akihiro - Daken


Gothmog vs Fingon 

Full version on Pixiv(http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=44321061)which I uploaded before



unreleased drawing from the silmarillion


So I was in line for the shuttle and there was this little girl who had this great cosplay of Zelda. And her mom started telling me how this good looking guy came up and asked to have a picture with her. While they were taking a picture, they heard these girls screaming and the girl asked what that was about and the guy said he had no idea and thanked her and walked very quickly away.
That guy was Tyler Posey.


#hey remember that time the mother confessor  #the dark ferocious embodiment of matriarchal purity and truth and transcendent justice  #pretended to be a mord-sith  #and we all wept tears of joy #this show was the most magnificent  #high fantasy high camp low budget  #[terry goodkind’s books are imaginative but awful  #high fantasy to the tune of grimdark but with none of grrm’s brutal satire & self-awareness  #so there’s torture and sexual torture and rape and mutilation and incest  #all executed with this faint sneering glee that just makes your skin shake itself off & go walk down a corridor to get away]  #there’s residue of that in the show but mostly the showrunners just chose to adapt the pulp camp fantasy parts  #& diffuse the foul madonna/whore dichotomy that’s every-fucking-where in the novels  #so it’s just half-naked men being bossed around by women in tight red leather  #and it’s the most glorious the most ridiculous the most fun  #[ideal series would just be richard stood off at the edge of the frame with his shirt off as usual  #while kahlan & cara smoulder lovingly at each other & probably have fantastic sex] #legend of the seeker  #[also starring evil haldir; senator albinius from spartacus; captain typho from star wars  #and the mouth of sauron as richard’s lovable wizard grandfather]  (via elucipher)


Sauron  by Daniel-de-Chaos


All Artwork by Natasha Allgeri, Former character designer and story board artist for Adventure Time, and now Showrunner of Bee and Puppy Cat 


Josh Hartnett talks pansexual ‘Penny Dreadful’-x


Silmarillion mood boards (3/?)


I shaped the history of Middle-earth. I crafted the Rings of Power. [x]

“Menstrual pads have been mentioned as early as the 10th century, in the Suda, where Hypatia, who lived in the 4th century AD, was said to have thrown one of her used menstrual rags at an admirer in an attempt to discourage him”

if you don’t think history is a truly inspiring subject you’re wrong (via fashiondisastercecil)

I have to add, this wasn’t just a case of a pretty woman got advanced on by a man she didn’t want. He wasn’t just an admirer. He was her student. She was a master at mathematics, astronomy, and philosophy. She had popular public lectures.

And she wasn’t just said to throw her menstrual rags at him. The story I read was that he admitted his admiration in the middle of one of her teachings, and she grabbed her menstrual rags right out from in between her legs, hurled it at him, and told him “This is what you really love, my young man, but you do not love beauty for its own sake.” 

It wasn’t just an attempt to discourage him. It was teaching him a lesson, even when he was interrupting hers.

Basically, Hypatia was amazing.

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"I’m pretty sure the answer to that is ‘I am Groot.’"